Friday, September 26, 2008

A barf's a gift bag

Okay, well yes....technically they're all still barf bags. They're just a little prettier now. How do you entertain two kids on a long airplane ride?
Well in my family, we collect barf bags from everyone's seats and draw on them to create puppets. Then we have a barf bag puppet show! Don't're not alone...everyone else on the plane thinks we're "special" too!

While I was playing with my barf bag owl puppet during our flight home, I noticed the adhesive strip along the back. It got my little scramper mind going....
I decided to bring home some of the extra bags that we, ehem....borrowed from Hawaiian Airlines, and turn them into gift bags for the souvenirs that we brought back for some of our friends.

Are you grossed out yet? Hope not :-)

I used my SU "Do The Hula" set for all of the bags below.

Here's what I came up with for
Barf Bag Extreme Makeover #1
Barf Bag Extreme Makeover #2
For this one I used re-inkers and a baby wipe to create my own ink pad to make the tye-dye shirts.
Barf Bag Extreme Makeover #3
Here's a mini tutorial on how I made the ribbon bow for the bag above.

First I punched two holes with my Crop-A-Dile and fed one end of ribbon through each hole.
Now turn the bag around - this is what it will look like.
Next, take the RIGHT end of ribbon and pull it back through the LEFT hole to the front.
Repeat with the LEFT end of ribbon through the RIGHT hole.
Now turn the bag back around and this is what the front will look like.

On another note...did any of you watch the Survivor premiere last night? My husband and I are HUGE Survivor fans and we've even got the kids looking forward to Thursday nights now too. I always find it very amusing that some of the contestants are already down to their bras and underwear on the first day. What's that all about?!

Anyways, hope you liked the projects I made and that the mini tutorial was helpful.
Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back later with a Fool Your Family Friday recipe.


Angie said...

Yeah, what's up with the underwear already? And you'd think that these people would have seen the past Survivor's and worn some decent stuff to hide their "stuff" for crying out loud! My 9 year old was watching! lol! I've always wanted to steal those barf bags too, just never had the nerve (except once because I felt pukey after we landed). Great makeovers btw! I would love to get a gift in a madeover barf bag like those!

Monica said...

These turned out GREAT MacKenzie! I love them all, but the sand/surfboards is my favorite. Welcome home!

Libby Hickson said...

How funny - these are so cute! And it would only be gross if they were USED barf bags! Love how you inked up the shirts. And YES - definitely watched Survivor last night!! So glad it's back on! Funny about the underwear - as it started last night I said to my hubby 'don't they know by now to go in "street clothes" they'd be comfortable wearing for 39 days??". But I'm sure the producers wouldn't allow that...

glowreahhh said...

Only you could transform barf bags into such beautiful gift bags. Hope you rinsed them out really well beforehand.

Sheila said...

How creative! I love the one with the t-shirts!

Ashley said...

Cute projects! I love the bags!