Monday, October 27, 2008

A proud Mom moment

About a week ago, my five year old came home from school and announced that her class was collecting items to send over to the troops.

When I asked what she wanted to give, she said that
she wanted to donate cards for the soldiers to send home to their families. Ahhh....what a proud mommy moment!

I let her go through all of my cards and told her that she could pick out 100 to donate.

While we were going through them, I came across a pack of these Halloween cards that I made last year and never used.

Not my FAVORITE card that I've ever made, but good enough to send out to the kids friends right??

Be sure to check back tomorrow because I'll be sharing the projects we're doing at my next class on November 2nd.

Until tomorrow...


Kathy W said...

such a great cause, I am doing it with a brownie troop next month. I miss carved and candlelight!

Tiffany Bauer said...

That is such a great mom moment!!! She sounds like a sweetie and I am sure the troops will love getting all these cards to use.

I also do like your card. I just love that stamp set and wish it would not have retired!!

Anonymous said...

Nope...your daughter isn't FREAKING ADORABLE or anything!!!!! The card isn't cute or anything either!!! :) See you on the 2nd!! XOXOX Schmendy

Heather said...

This card is more than cute enough to send out to the kids friends!

It is cute enough for anything. I love the way you placed the DP and used the pumpkins!

Great Card!