Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another quickie!

Happy Thursday or "Survivor Night" as we call it in our house!

This is a card I made at stamp club earlier this month.
Janice provides a sample and all of the supplies and we get
to play. What could be better?

I like to take the supplies provided and make a totally
different card, so here's what I came up with... In addition to the yummy Baha Breeze ribbon, we also had
some pretty blue jewels to play with.

I've gotta run. My little one is still really sick and we've got
a Looney Tune marathon about to start!


de said...

Beautiful card! I love the colors and how you used the top layer vertical against the card vs horizontal like most would do! Inspirational!

Monica Hunter said...

Great layout for this card, and I love the colors too!

Yup, Survivor night here too. Yippee! :)

Eve said...

I LOVE these colors Mackenzie!
And the stamp set- very cute!

Maria said...

Oh my gosh, your card is beautiful! I love it! The blue colors are fabulous and I love the arrangement of the card. Beautiful. Gosh, I haven't used this stamp set for such a long time. Your card inspires to use it! Absolutely gorgeous!


Maria said...

Absolutely beautiful card Mackenzie! I love the pretty blue colors and the arrangement is fabulous! Gosh, I haven't used this stamp set for such a long time and your card inspires me to bring it out and use it! Beautiful job on your card!


Heidi said...

this is adorable!

Janice RR said...

Hey there - I LOVE your version of the card we did last workshop!! I always love seeing the "tweaks" you do to the projects . . . that's what makes it creative and fun! Hey - how about that Survivor??? (the highlight of my week . . . what a sad life I live!!) I think Jeff is some good lookin' MAN!!! Hope your baby is feeling better today! See you March 1st! Janice

Ashley said...

Beautiful card! I really need to get this set, I just adore it!