Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Faves

Happy Friday Peeps!
I'm back to share some of my favorite finds from the web this week!

Rock Star Anya card by Paper Funtastics

Oreo Mush - YUM!

This Koi drawing that Asela did with her Copics - jaw dropping!

Cherry pie pops?! Are you kidding me?! - I must make these!

Have a fab weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with an inspiration challenge from Lauren Meader.


Chris said...

WOW those are all very cool posts! And cherry pie on a stick!!! Good Lord!!! I'm pretty sure I could eat just those for the rest of my life! I would have permanent red cherry stains on my teeth and face!! But worth it!! : )
Miss you Koo-Koo!

Sandra MacLean said...

Thank you Mackenzie!! You totally made my day! :D