Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Faves and HOGtoberfest!!!!

Here are some of my favorite finds from the web this week!

I'm a total sucker for anything pumpkin flavored, so when I saw these....I was in love. I wonder how many I could fit in my mouth at once.

I just adore this sweet card by Kristina.

Check out these AMAZING poly clay creations by my buddy Gloria.

Check out this Ian Dracula card by WickedPixie!

These coffee packets by Michelle are really cute.

S'more popsicles - OMG!

PINK Halloween cards? ACK!!! I love them all!

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed my picks for the week. I'm always looking for new blogs to check out, so feel free to leave me a link! I'll be stalking all of my commenters and follwers next week looking for eye candy to post next Friday.

Oh and this just in straight from the hogs mouth.....
(no offense Monica!)

Presenting ... "HOGtoberfest"

Starting today, Friday, Oct. 2, and running through the weekend (ending at midnight EST on Sunday, Oct. 4), Hambo is having a site-wide** 40% off sale!
Click here to get started!

The sale price applies only to regularly priced stamps. Designs on the different sale pages (sale / retiring / seconds) are already marked down that much or more; you can still add these things to your order, but they will NOT receive an additional discount.

**Only digital stamps that are combined with a rubber stamp order are eligible for the discount!**

Here are additional sale rules:
The discount applies only to orders placed between 12:01am (EST) on Friday, October 2 to midnight (EST) on Sunday, October 4.

There is a limit of one of each design per customer.

The discount applies only to in-stock items, with no back-orders available.

Only digital stamps that are combined with a rubber stamp order are eligible for the discount.

The free shipping offer does NOT apply during this sale event.

Payment must be received within 7 days to qualify for these sale prices.
Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis for all orders that have the appropriate information: your name, mailing address, and mounted or unmounted (trimmed rubber on sticky cushion) preference. If any of this information is missing and I have to email you back to clarify, you'll lose your "spot" in the sequence of orders.

Please also be sure to include the name of the stamp (as it's listed on the website) AND its item number. It will also save me a step if you'll mention how you'll be paying - Paypal or money order. Goodness! I know that sounds like a lot of info, but trust me, it helps things move a lot quicker!


Michelle Wooderson said...

Hi there, TGIF! Thank you for the fun shout out! Now I want to go make smores and pumpkin goodies!! Have a great weekend. Mish

WickedPixie said...

Hi! Thanks so much for including me! I can't believe the company I am in - those were some amazing creations! (I've been a big fan of Gloria for a while, but the rest were all new to me!) I hope your weekend is wonderful! :-)Traci

Emily Leiphart said...

You're hilarious, MacKenzie! I just had to click and see what it was you were talking about fitting into your mouth. Those pumpkin pie bites look ever so scrumptious! I wish I were a good enough baker that I'd attempt to make those. Sigh! ;)