Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Faves!

Oh my gosh! Can you believe this guy?!
I wanted to hate him, but after last nights episode I just can't. He's kickin some serious Survivor butt!Thanks for putting up with my Survivor geek out moment...

Yay - the weekend is finally here!
Here are some of my favorite finds from the web this week......

Sesame Street cake pops - wowza!

This karate Anya card by Amy is adorable.

These holiday photo cards by Becky are sooooooo clever!

I think I just found the recipe I'm going to use for my cookie swap this year! I tested it out on my family this week and got three chocolately thumbs up.

Check out this beautiful Christmas card by Melissa.

This owl card by Debbie is a hoot.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Thanks for stopping by.


Melissa Sauls said...

Oh my goodness you have gorgeous cards!! They are too cute. Thanks for favoriting me on your site. What an honor! :)

Suzanne J Dean said...

LOL--you sound like my mom & sister, they hated him and now LOVE him! Too funny :o)


Janice RR said...

You're kidding!!!???!! I hate him even MORE!!!! Pompous A _ _ is a phrase that comes to mind!! Have to admit, it does remind me of Season 1 and Richard Hatch . . .guys like this do make for GREAT TV!!!

Libby Hickson said...

Russell CRACKS ME UP! He has totally made this season - all the rest of them are a bunch of boring idiots. And even if he is an ass, and a rich ass at that - he totally deserves to win, he's playing it like nobody else. :-)

Emily Leiphart said...

You're too funny, MacKenzie! I'm a Survivor fan, too, and I admit I really did not like Russell in the beginning but after this week's episode I hope he wins. He's seriously witty!

Kerry D-C said...

OMG! I totally feel the same way! At first I despised him...yet now I totally think he deserves to win. What bothers me most about him...he seems to only have it in for the women. either way, he is totally Rockin' the Survivor game!