Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hambo Hump Day

Holy cow, can you believe that we're almost half way through March? Where does the time go?! St Patricks Day is next week and although we're not Irish, it's a pretty big deal in our house. Every year we have a leprechaun break into our house in the middle of the night and cause havoc. Our Siamese cat is usually a bright shade of green on St Pattys day morning - poor guy. My kids try to catch the leprechaun every year with an elaborate trap, but he always seems to get away. My son drew up blueprints and has been working on his trap since January - I told you it was a big deal in our house. My daughter started her trap last night and told us that Daddy can quit his job after next Wednesday because she'll have a whole bunch of gold then. I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

Okay, enough personal stuff. I know you stopped by to see what crafty thing I've got to share with you today.
Meet "Wee Doggie" by Hambo...
I used the SU mini milk carton die to make a dog house gift box. It's kind of hard to tell from the photo, but I scored the milk carton every half inch to look like wood planks. Doesn't it remind you of Snoopy's house?
I was inspired to make this fire hydrant card after I saw a gift box that my friend Lauren made last year. It's such a fun design and I thought "Wee Doggie" would be perfect right on the front of it. "Wee Doggie" is a digital image, so he can be re-sized to suit any project. You can check out all of the Hambo digital images right here and don't' forget about their huge selection of rubber images too!

Have you played along with the Hambo recipe challenge for this month yet? It's really no fun if you don't play along with us. I had a tricky time with the challenge and I'd LOVE to see what you do with it!

Be sure to stop by the Hambo blog tomorrow for their "One & Done" auction and for a peek at a brand new digital image available for an introductory price - tomorrow only!

Thanks for stopping by!


Anneke said...

OOh, what a great project!
so cute
Hugs Anneke

Monica Hunter said...

It must be so fun living at your house! When can I move in??

Creepy Glowbugg said...

If I didn't know those kids, I'd swear you were making this stuff up!
Great projects! LOVE the hydrant.
Must be the whole 'potty' mentality I've got going.

Emily Leiphart said...

So cute! That dog house is AWESOME!!