Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cindo de Mayo!


So I'm sitting here in my workshop trying to finish a present for my son's teacher because tomorrow is National Teacher Day. After spending a few quiet moments in his room, apparently changing his clothes, my son walked into my workshop and said, "Hey Mom! Do I look pretty Mexican in this outfit?" After my husband and I stopped laughing we quickly tried to locate the camera. My son said that the shiny leather belt and matching shoes really "finished" the whole look. The kids are very excited about Cinco de Mayo because they love Mexican food and of course we'll be pigging out at our favorite local Mexican restaurant this evening. Do we really have to take him out in public like this???


Lisa said...

Hahahahhaha - that's awesome! Take him out in that outfit, snap LOTS of pics, and hold onto those until he's a teen. *grins*

wendy peatross said...

How cute! I'm getting ready to cook Fajitas for dinner tonight. Ilove any chance to cook mexican food.