Saturday, October 4, 2008

It happened....

I lost my mojo!

Here's Lauren's sketch for today.
Such a great sketch, but unfortunately my brain has turned to mush today.

After my first two stamped cards went into the garbage, I decided to reach for the rub-ons. I'm not thrilled with it, but we all have a dud every know and then right?
Oh well.....better luck next week!
Be sure to check out what the other design team girls did!
Alicia, Dawn, Kim, Kirsten, Kristy, Maria & Tamara



Heather said...

I would not consider this a DUD! It is actually a very good idea for cards when you are short on time, and I am glad you showed it because now when my Husband comes home and needs a card for somthing instead of not trying at all because I do not have the time to do it Justice, I can pull out all those rub ons I earned during
SAB throw some cool colors together like you did and Wa La.

I think your card is great!


Holly said...

Well I like this card, but I know what mean. Great use of rub ons though!

Lauren (mytime) said...

Oh loving the the colors. Im in love with the rub-ons. I so wish I had more. Truly perfect!

Deb said...

This card is fantastic. I do know what you mean though when the card doesn't come together to meet your expectations. This card is beautiful and the rub-ons worked very well!

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

FAb job with the rub ons! The black and white contrast is beautiful with your colours! Great job with Lauren's sketch!

Kathy W said...

I think it's fine, cool use of rub ons and dsp. sometimes it's good just to create something to get juices flowing.

Jen-Jen said...

Wow, the sketch looks hard, but you did a splendid job with it. Love the colors too. I have GOT to use my rub ons... they are collecting dust.


Libby Hickson said...

Wow, I love this card - I wish I had your talent on a bad day!