Monday, October 11, 2010

Open up and say "ahhhhhhh"

Somehow I ended up being in charge of the Haunted House at the school Harvest Carnival this month. The first thing that hit me was STRESS!! Where to begin?? I've never done such a large project and have been spending every waking moment on it for the last week and a half. I really got inspired this weekend and spent 15 hours making props on Saturday! Why stop when you're on a roll, right?
I thought I'd share one of my creepy little creations with you today. Let me introduce you to the dentist tray from hell... I had way too much fun on this one.
I got a 3-pack of "Bubba" teeth at the dollar store and glued them inside a glass vase. On the night of the event, I'll fill the vase with blood stained water and the teeth will look like they're floating. Then I glued a little mouse climbing up the side.
Check out my homemade teeth...
(I'll share how I did that at the end of this post) I had a gold paint marker and couldn't resist making at least one gold tooth!

And what dentist tray from hell would be complete without some bloody gauze and pliers?
If you're ever in the mood to make some teeth of your own, just get some dried Indian corn. Then get your kids to pull out the kernels and your husband to paint them white.
Voila - teeth!
I'm off to another Haunted House work session! If you've got any great ideas for me, please share! Thanks for stopping by today.


Creepy Glowbugg said...

"Comfy?!" -Steve Martin
"Little Shop of Horrors".

Awesome dental nightmare!! It should scare the bejeezus outta those 4th graders!!

itsabrt said...

Oh my gosh this is bloody brilliant! Wow! Beth

Emily Leiphart said...

HAHA, this is so gross and awesomely creative! I bet all those kids will want to brush their teeth after seeing this. LOL

Katt Korpsgryndr said...

Very very cool Mackenzie!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is inspired, MacKenzie! I LOVE it - such a work of art!